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The challenge to stay relevant, be agile and provide value to your clients is one which we fully understand. We provide advice, guidance and strategy to Service Providers on how to succeed in the market.

Product Launch Accelerator

Our product launch accelerator is an advisor-led structured approach. It enables rapid go-to-market readiness for new solutions.

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Value Proposition Workshop

The workshop is a discovery session with the Executive Management team. 

The purpose is to understand the direction, strategy and performance of the business to date.

How would new products introductions impact their key performance indicators and ultimately how do we align new product efforts with tangible outcomes.


The Business Case

The first output is an initial business case.

Alignment with Business Goals Does the proposed product fit the direction of the business and your customers?
Costs and Pricing Structure What are the costs and where are the margin opportunities?
Opportunity Assessment Is there a sufficient market for this service, are there existing clients this could benefit?
Readiness Assessment What people, process or systems changes need to be undertaken?

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Go-to Market Blueprints

Getting you to market, faster At the end of our Product Launch Accelerator, you will have COMPLETED the following:

1.Target Customer Plan
2.Contract Plan
3.People Plan
4.Systems Plan
5.Sales Plan

Leaving you with one final action to complete, your 90 Day Marketing Plan to take you new product out to market.

We achieved more in 90 minutes and in more depth than something which had previously taken over 4 weeks to produce.

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Alex Wilmot, Solutions Director, Redcentric

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